Photography and Digital Imaging

Dogwood Road Essay

I made this series of photos using traditional photography and darkroom techniques. I shot the negatives and made the prints with black and white film and paper. The subject was a country road that was about to undergo changes that would forever alter the character of the area. The first image in the series was made from a scan from my original negative. The remainder of the images are scanned directly from the my finished traditional darkroom prints with no enhancements. I shot two of the images with infrared film. (click on thumbnails for larger image, then upper right for next, outside image area to close)

roadwithbentree roadindistance oldroad photooldtree photooldtree photoroadandhouse photooldroad

Photo Restoration

I originally did photo restoration the traditional way- by reproduciong the photo with camera and film; then working with retouching and airbrush. Today with the wonder of digital photography, it can be done without the use of darkroom chemicals and paper. The same general priniciples of photo restoration apply however. I restored these originals using a variety of digital techniques using PhotoShop. The ones with the most to be done required the most time.

Picture of couple Passport Photo Passport pohoto twochildern babyrestore

Photo Composites and Illustration

These photocomposite images were made using my original images and Photoshop, with the execption of Doll Scene in which I used stock photos. For the last three images photographs were used as a starting point to create an illustration in Adobe Illustrator.

(click on thumbnails for larger image, then upper right for next, outside image area to close)

dollphotocomposite Backyardphotocomposite Houseimage muticoloredquilt photocompositeyardandhouse pizzaandbeer sleepingcat catoncouch exoticbird

Publicity Photos

These photos are being used for publicity for a local classic and modern Rock band, DeClassified. The challange was to get good photos under limited stage lighting without using flash. Photos were used for website, flyers and posters.

(click on thumbnails for larger image, then upper right for next, outside image area to close)

bandflyerphoto muscianphoto singerphoto guitaristphoto singerphoto bassistphoto singerphoto femalesinger femalesinger femalesinger femalesinger guitarplayer femalesinger43 dancing44 female singer45 femalsinger46 femalesinger47 Malesinger48 drummer49 guitarplayer50 bar window51 bass player52 John Buckley Drummer Kelly Mack singer Kelly Mack action singer Dancers Dancers Dick Mazza Kelly Mack Guitar Player Dancers Guitar pLayer Bass pLayer Drummer Singer Singer Guitar Singer Guitar Singer Guitar