Martha Armstrong Hendrickson


This is a showcase of my work in multiple disciplines. This includes web design, photography, photo restoration, digital media, miniature making and fine arts. If you are interested in seeing examples of my traditional watercolor paintings, here is a link to the Crafty Martha Original Notecards

Fine Arts and Watercolors

I have been working in fine arts throughout the years and I earned a fine arts degree in 2015. I now teach watercolors for the Senior programs a CCBC. Right now I teach on Zoom. My watercolors are featured on my Craftymartha Original Notecards website. This site featuress example of my traditional work. I also have work on Baker just search under Martha Hendrickson. Check it out at website

Photography and Digital media

I emerged out of the traditional photography field and started working with digital media in the areas of photo restoration and photocomposites while earning my Web Design Certificate. Take a look at my black and white Dogwood Road Essay that I did using traditional photography. I also enjoy translating my traditional photo restoration skills to photoshop skills when I do Photo Restorations featured on my photos page. My work in digital media includes work with Photo Composites and Illustration . In addition was a photographer and videographer the a local band, Declassified for several years. Check out the photos and posters for the band on my photos page under Publicity.


The hobby of dollhouse miniatures gives the opportunity to work in various disciplines on the same project. My biggest project was making a model of the house my grandparents lived in called Montebello. Other things evolved from this project including writing articles and coordinating a dollhouse exhibit. I coordinated the show with the Maryland Miniatures Unlimited and the Historical Society of Baltimore County as a benefit for the Society. The show was called Dollhouses, Then and Now and it was a great success. Check out my Miniatures page for details. I also do electrification of dollhouses for individuals.

Education and Background

I completed my most recent education at CCBC earning an AA Degree in Fine Arts in 2015 and a Certificate in Web Design in 2011. In years prior, I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in American Studies at UMBC with a minor in art. I worked as a photographer for the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and enjoyed using my skills in traditional photography and darkroom work. I then went on to other jobs in the photo industry for about 15 years . With the changing job market, I went back to school and competed a Computer Aided Design Certificate in Architecture and Engineering at CCBC and worked for about 20 years doing CAD drafting and design full time for architectural firms.

Over the years I have always enjoyed painting and drawing and I completed coursework in both in my spare time. In my semi-retirement, I now work part-time as a fine arts instructor with CCBC Senior Programs teaching watercolor and drawing. I also have worked as a volunteer for the Historical Society of Baltimore County was the newsletter editor for the society.

I am excited about teaching and working with traditional art, miniatures, and digital media today.

Creative and Volunteer work

  • GVC-Watershed Festivals 2000 and 2002 -Designed and assembled displays of photographs etc. with historical information about the water supply
  • Historic Long Island Farm Inc-digitizing the archives as part of a team effort for use of several HistoricalSocieties.
  • HSBC-Newsletter Editor, Photo Collections-organization digitization,and data entry of photo collection. Authored footnoted article for HSBC publication History Trails about the Baltimore Water Supply. Reprinted two times.
  • NAME-Wrote articles that were published in two organizational publications.
  • Prettyboy Watershed Alliance-Prettyboy Festival 2005 -Researched areas and towns in the Prettyboy Watershed. Designed displays for History portion of the festival. Answered questions showed additional materials in notebooks
  • Rebuilding Together Baltimore-Christmas in April project-Helping disadvantaged homeowners fix up thier houses as part of the Construction Specifications Institute Team
  • DeClassified- Band Photos and Videos-Photographed stage shows and created studio photographs for band publicity. Photos and videos used on Band website and for posters and handouts.



My family has been an inspiration to me in many ways; my mom has shown me it's never too late to go after your dreams; my dad knew the value of work and he was inventive with everyday things; my aunts were artists and encouraged me in painting and drawing; my husband, a recording artist and musician in his own right, supports my creativity; my first cousins are accomplished muscians supporters of the arts; my brother, talented in music and writing, has always been there for me. Additionally, as family photographers , my uncle and my mother showed by example the value of photography and the keeping of scrapbooks in bringing family together.

My paternal grandfather, James W. Armstrong, has also been a reoccurring influence in my life even though I was too young to get to know him before he died. He was a Water Filtration Engineer and master builder. He designed and built the two Montebello Water Filtration plants in Baltimore, one in New Orleans and several others throughout the United States and Canada. As the resident Filtration Engineer in Baltimore for 25years, He was responsible for the maintenance of the water system and the reservoirs that provide our drinking water. He also valued the environment, loved trees and knew the importance of conservation. His influence was passed on in to us a family treasure - a collection of scrapbook albums that include valuable photographs, letters, newspaper articles and memorabilia. This is, in essence his autobiography, family history and historical record of larger events. I can see many of my interests seem to tie together into this one source. It has inspired me on many levels, expanded my interests and never ceases to be a starting point of discovery.

I would like to thank to all of my family, friends, in-laws, and coworkers for their continued support and inspiration. Their encouragement has helped enormously .